Custom Website Design

I can make your vision happen and create a web site custom tailored to your company.

My projects consist of designing, implementing, testing and publishing a site that will inform visitors about your business in a unique and compelling way. The site will provide convenient ways for your users to contact you making it easy for them to remember you for their future needs.

I use the Microsoft® .NET Framework, Active Server Pages (ASP) and CSS for constructing my sites. This enables me to create more efficient, interactive, and highly personalized web experience for your users that work across all of the most popular browsers.

Custom Website DesignOnce your site is live, I submit your site to major search engines and monitor your site’s performance.

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Included in the cost of developing your site:
  • Securing your domain name
  • Help with transferring domains
  • Setting up a hosting service
  • Constructing the site
  • Establishing domain based email
  • Testing and publishing

Did I mention that you can talk to me in person? 503.927.2251

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